Saturday, December 29, 2012

Have a great 2013!

I am going to rappel down the fiscal cliff. See you at the bottom!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Damian Cadman-Jones

The guy on the right, Damian Cadman-Jones. There is something oddly familiar about him, and I don't mean in an Austin Powers kinda way.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Really, CNBC?

Millions of college students are destroying their futures with mind-boggling levels of student loan debt and the most important issue to them is climate change? Really, CNBC?
A group of Swarthmore College students is asking the school administration to take a seemingly simple step to combat pollution and climate change: sell off the endowment’s holdings in large fossil fuel companies. For months, they have been getting a simple answer: no. As they consider how to ratchet up their campaign, the students suddenly find themselves at the vanguard of a national movement.
How do you define "national movement," Justin Gillis of the New York Times? Further down in the article Gillis writes,
Matters could escalate in coming months, with Swarthmore scheduled to host a February meeting — the students call it a “convergence” — of 150 students from other colleges who are working on divestment.
There are 21.6 million college students in the US. I am not sure how Gillis can stretch this "convergence" into a "national movement."

I do find it interesting that as of this morning this major announcement on the national movement's website has garnered all of 4 Facebook "Likes" and 2 "Tweets".

(Chart from Dr. Housing Bubble.)