Monday, July 9, 2012

All this fuss about Koch

I don't understand all of this fuss about Koch. Many on the left are obsessed! Koch this, Koch that, they act like he controls everything. What is so controversial about the man? It seems to me he was a decent mayor. Not the greatest, but certainly not the worst.

Man, you people need to get a clue.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Jerry Brown goes insane over high speed rail

The 70s are back! Jerry Brown is California governor again and Supertrain is ready to roll!
California lawmakers approved billions of dollars Friday in construction financing for the initial segment of the nation's first dedicated high-speed rail line connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The bill authorizes the state to begin selling $4.5 billion in voter-approved bonds that includes $2.6 billion to build an initial 130-mile stretch of the high-speed rail line in the Central Valley. That will allow the state to collect another $3.2 billion in federal funding that could have been rescinded if lawmakers failed to act Friday.
I think it's great that as a Texan (and shut your fetid pieholes you whiney sniveling bluestaters, we are a "donor" state) I am paying for a high-speed rail between Fresno and Bakersfield. These two growing powerhouse metropolises desperately need to "de-congest" their transportation corridors and this is the way to do it! Yay!

(Snark aside, it is obvious to any thinking person that this train is a white elephant, BUT. How does it stack up against a B2 at $2.1 billion per copy in the scheme of government waste? At least the high-speed rail line will allow everyday Californians to experience graft and corruption in person.)

France says goodbye to Minitel

I am amazed that there are 800,000 people who still use Minitel. (The article says there are 800,000 terminals "still in circulation." It isn't clear if that's the number of active users.)

This would be akin to using an Atari 400 to connect to a bulletin board via modem.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Ice Cream Truck Song

I heard the happy sounds of the ice cream trucks as I was running through the local neighborhoods tonight. The ice cream trucks around here play this and two other songs, followed by a female voice shouting "HELLO!??!" (No, it's not an east coast thing. I have heard this tune around here for at least 20 years.) I only mention this because when I get old and cranky and complain about the noise from the ice cream trucks, it'll be time for me to depart.

I work in a neighborhood that is primarily Hispanic. I see old dudes riding heavy tricycles that have insulated boxes mounted on the front, no doubt containing about 20 pounds of dry ice and a lot of ice cream and other frozen treats.

I can think of worse ways to make a buck when I am an old man.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

China erecting the biggest bubble in human history

The skyscraper theory about economic cycles is well-known, but China is ramping it up to new heights.
It took Dubai more than five years to build the 828-meter Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building (for the moment, anyway).
But Chinese architects and engineers reckon they need a mere 90 days to leave the Emiratis in the dust.
At least, that's what they've claimed.
Broad Sustainable Building (BSB), a construction company based in Hunan, is planning to erect an 838-meter building called Sky City (天空城市) later this year in Changsha, the provincial capital of Hunan Province.
I don't know what the weather is typically in Changsha, but the ghost skyscrapers in Bangkok built in the late 1990's haven't aged well.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Slab City

I don't get the lifestyle but I think it's important that Americans have the ability to do this.

So just leave them alone. They aren't bothering anyone.