Thursday, November 29, 2012

Texas has a higher high school graduation rate than Connecticut

In fact, Texas also has a higher high school graduation rate than Massachusetts. Here's the spreadsheet (PDF file), sourced by the US Department of Education. Congratulations, California. You just squeaked by your cohorts in Mississippi.

Background here. Doubters from Calculated Risk should read that first paragraph carefully.

Digging in further, compare 4th grade math and reading scores for California and Texas. Can't blame the children of illegals here, both states have millions of them. You blue state readers, feel free to tear apart the Department of Education statistics and explain this. These aren't my numbers.


Dan from Madison said...

You can't fool me. You are all just a bunch of dumb hicks like here in Wisco. We all know that the coasts house the elites of the nation.

Lou Minatti said...

I don't know how we can tie our own shoelaces, Dan.

Paul said...

Yeah, but we have stronger teacher unions, and spend twice as much.

Dan from Madison said...

That is why they invented Velcro, Lou.

Anonymous said...

"It takes a village":
Anything less than 90% is still phucked up! Yes, lets blame all the adults (the village) for not getting involved in their kids education. That's the real problem. The adults (the village) just doesn't care anymore. These kids are smarter than you think, they're just bored, burned-out, and looked over by the phucking village. Lets not blame the kids for everything they have no control over.