Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Europeans are deranged psychopaths

It's 2012 and they're sending Nazi psychopaths to the European Parliament.

Say what you will about American politicians, but the last Klan member sent to Congress has passed on. Sure, we have insane congressmen and closeted senators, but nobody in Washington is as wacked out as these Europeans.


NoVa Sideliner said...

One thing I have to ask: Does Hungary have proportional representation for those elected officials? One of the benefits of winner-takes-all as in the US elections is that, in general, fringe parties are seldom elected to parliament/congress. This keeps small/third parties well away from places of power.

Compare that to proportional representation, which admittedly has its own good points in that even the most idiotic citizens, usually so long as they can raise 5% of the vote for their group, can be represented.

Personally, I kind of liked prop-rep when I lived overseas because my somewhat libertarian party (FDP) was able to get a few members elected instead of none.

Aslak said...

All elections to the Euroepan Parliament are proportional which means, as NoVa Sideliner pointed out, that you get some fringe elements sent there where they'll consequently be ignored.

Not that we Europeans don't have our share of deranged psycopaths, we do. And Hungary more than most countries, but I don't think the percentage is higher these days than in the US:

Lou Minatti said...

Aslak, I think the European political sphere does have a higher percentage of psychopaths. I think the US political sphere has a higher percentage of stupid people. There is a difference.

fnn said...

GW Bush was both stupid and a psychopath. I don't know what BHO is,but he has largely continued war policies of W plus the bailouts for big banks and failure to find criminals to prosecute among the involved in great financial crisis of 2008. And can't leave out NDAA with right to kill any US citizen in the world simply because the POTUS deems him/her a threat.

But I hope BHO is safe, because the VPOTUS is stupid, acts like he knows nothing about govt policy and is constantly mugging and eye-rolling for the camera and making crude and inappropriate remarks. he may be somewhat senile.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with VPOTUS. He knows full well what he's doing and has a bunch of dimwits wondering where he's coming from, which is what he wants, for dimwits to keep on guessing. He says what he wants to say. That's what people like about him. He's out spoken. Some of you have no clue...get a grip.

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Anonymous said...

Lou, Europeans are smart people in contrast to stupid redneck Americans.

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