Monday, August 29, 2011

Vlad, Rick and Barry

Texas Governor Rick Perry
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
US President Barack Obama

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I am watching Geraldo doing a live report from a Manhattan street corner. He is wearing his SPECIAL HURRICANE COVERAGE rain gear. Sadly, it is raining on Geraldo. I hope he survives this death storm so that he can report on the looting tomorrow night during the power outages.

I suspect that Gulf Coast residents are watching this with the same sense of bemusement that California residents were watching the earthquake coverage last week.

I sorta feel sorry for the President. This just looks silly. He can't catch a break. He needs to fire his image handlers.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Come on, Irene

I am waiting to see this on Drudge this coming Saturday.



US may back mortgage refinancing for millions

All I can say is, if the Federal government hands out sub-4% mortgages for underwater homeloaners, the millions of us dutifully paying our mortgages on time had better get the same deal.

If the Obama administration really wants to juice housing over the next year, just announce government-backed interest-free 15 and 30-year loans, but only if they act within the next 12-18 months. Pay off the existing bond holders and have the Fed print even more. It's just electrons.

Would you be surprised if they did this? Me neither.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurricane Irene

If it hits Martha's Vineyard, golf will be out of the question.

Lloyd Blankfein = Mini-Me

I don't have anything to say except that Lloyd looks like a scaled-up version of Verne Troyer.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Obama's Getaway

With so much material available, this is the best the GOP can do? Lame. Not funny. A complete failure. And if you're gonna put this stuff out, use a copy editor to check for spelling and punctuation errors.
We're all looking at the future and we don't like what we see. We see the economy collapsing, unemployment skyrocketing and a White House and Congress that are rudderless. Most of us, including his base, have concluded that the President no longer cares and has given up. What we need from our candidates are concrete plans to get us out of this. Unfunny snark aimed at a president who has resigned himself to failure isn't necessary and doesn't make me want to vote for the other brand, it just reinforces the idea that the Republican Party, like the Democrats, still don't get it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Adios, mofo.

This would make a good bumper sticker. Just sayin'.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rick Perry's "Dukakis tank" moment

Forget the Willie Horton stuff. We all know that what sank Michael Dukakis was the tank photo.

Here's a free tip for Obama campaign operatives: Dig around for any photos or videos of Rick Perry joining ZZ Top onstage at the Houston Compaq Center in 2003. It was ZZ Top's last show of that tour, and the last concert played at the Summit/Compaq Center before Joel Osteen took it over.

ZZ Top fans were treated to a very bizarre spectacle during the show. Governor Perry came out onstage dressed in something that looked like an ill-fitting one-piece dark jumpsuit, and from where we were sitting it appeared as though he skipped out on stage. Then he sat down behind the drum kit and played along with La Grange. Once the song was over he stood up, skipped again to the front of the stage and bowed. When it was over we all looked at each other and said, "What the HELL did we just see?"

So get busy Obama operatives. I've been looking for pictures and videos of this event off-and-on for years. They must exist somewhere, but to date there's nothing online except this.

Rick Perry eats a corn dog!

Wow! Rick Perry was photographed eating a corn dog!
And so was Michelle Bachmann!
Barack Obama also enjoys a weiner!
Can we quit with this stupid meme already? Thanks.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Perry vs Obama

If you are sick of nasty, brutal, in-your-face politics, brace yourself. Over the next 15 months your eyes and ears will bleed. We will witness dirty politics on a level never seen before. Team Obama will shamelessly throw everything they can at Perry in order to derail his campaign, turning Campaign 2012 into a degrading cesspool of racial accusations. Watch for blatant plants at Perry rallies holding up racially-charged signs denigrating blacks and Hispanics. Listen to left-leaning pundits screaming about tea-bagging rednecks who hate Obama because of his race. This election is going to divide the nation more radically than ever. It is coming.

If Perry was Bush, Team Obama wouldn't have to stoop to this level. Obama would demolish him after just one debate. But as I have said before, Perry is NOT Bush. Perry is a skilled orator and an outstanding campaigner, and he won't have to resort to the same tactics. All he has to do is ask the same question Ronald Reagan asked in 1980: Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Houston Metro Rail: Billions of dollars down the drain

Houston Metro is celebrating the construction of a new light rail (read: streetcar) line. Yay!

I am old enough to remember how Metro was sold to Houston/Harris County voters. We'd have commuter rail (like Atlanta or DC) and it would unclog our freeways. 20 years later (after the promise of commuter rail morphed into a, get this, monorail) we got a light rail line from the Astrodome to downtown, used almost exclusively by Texas Medical Center employees traveling from a remote parking garage. It runs right down Main Street, literally a street car.

Meanwhile, as Metro works on its new trophy project, service to the working poor who rely on bus service has been cut back.
Bus ridership numbers also dropped dramatically, according to Metro documents, from about 80 million in 2005 to just a little more than 17 million during the last year.
So after 30 years and many billions of dollars, we have a streetcar line for Medical Center employees that would be better served by some shuttle buses and another streetcar line in the works. But nothing that reduces congestion on our freeways for commuters out in the 'burbs who still pay the 1% Metro sales tax, and reduced service for the folks who truly need a cheap, reliable way to get to work.

As a snarky aside, congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee's video touting the latest Metro grant has received all of 16 views since it debuted 2 weeks ago.

I bet my tiny little blog will double her viewers!

Monday, August 8, 2011

How to shave $130 billion/year off the federal deficit

I have a solution to shave $130 billion each year off the federal deficit right away. Not only would it save us a hell of a lot of money, it would also solve a problem that has created gross distortions in a crucial sector of the US economy, causing massive economic problems and punishing the majority of Americans.

I am talking about the mortgage interest deduction. It will cost US taxpayers $131 billion this year. It cannot be justified on any rational basis except to keep housing prices inflated and unaffordable for average citizens in the bubblezone states. It is absurd for an apartment renter in Garden Grove to subsidize a homeloaner in Beverly Hills, but that's exactly what the mortgage interest deduction does.

So let's scrap that sucker. It would wipe out approximately 12% of the deficit instantly and restore fairness and true market pricing to the housing markets.

Friday, August 5, 2011

S&P cuts U.S. rating

I never thought I'd see this day... but I am also asking myself what took S&P so long. The DC idiots in the White House and Congress, from both so-called parties, need to cancel all of their weekend activities and get busy. Like tonight.

Big taxes are coming. So are big cuts in everything fatty related to government. On the plus side, instead of getting 0.01% interest on my cash, the bank may offer me 1%.

There's panic in the White House and the halls of Congress right now. Maybe this is the kick in the ass that they need.

Where's Chelyabinsk?

Chelyabinsk is a regular on the comments feed over at Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's place. No matter what Ambrose writes about, Chelyabinsk stinks up the place with "America is dead and Europe will rule the world."

Chelyabinsk has been missing lately. I wonder why.

It is interesting that Chelyabinsk names himself after the worst place in the world.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do you have your Google+ invite?

It all came off the rails in 1980.

I keep seeing that meme on the blogs lately. Meaning, "We're in this mess because of Reagan."

My recollection of history is different. I was a mere kid at the time, but I recall things were pretty much "off the rails" in the 1970s. Look back at the movies of the time and you can see that Americans were getting desperate then, reflected in popular movies like Taxi Driver, Network, Car Wash, etc.

It is before my time, but it seems pretty clear to me that things truly came off the rails in the 1960s due to LBJ, and we are still dealing with the mess he left us. It was LBJ's Guns and Butter that got us where we are today. He dumped the load into Nixon's lap, Nixon dumped it into Ford's lap, then it got dumped onto Carter. We've been dealing with this crap for 45 years, not 30.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Those Arab sheiks sure do love Frank Lloyd Wright

Sheikh Mohammed got his (now empty) Burj Khalifa, and now the Saudis want the same thing, only taller and apparently exactly what Frank Lloyd Wright envisioned 55 years ago.