Monday, August 3, 2009


I am disgusted by how so many leftards treat Sarah Palin. I am also disgusted by the actions of so many rightards who continue with their stupid Barack Obama birth certificate nonsense.

These people are so odious that I sometimes wonder if the Palin's and Obama's aren't privately egging these morons on. The "Birthers" are certainly good for Obama. They're an effective way to smear Obama critics as psychopaths. The Sarah Palin haters are certainly good for Palin's political future. Critics of Palin now appear to be bitter and frustrated old cranks who like to fabricate nonsense and attack children.

I wish they'd all just shut up and go away.


Anonymous said...

Neither Bush, Kerry nor Gore did well in school. Yet they released their poor records.

Not so Obama. Not a one. But hardly no one on the left or the middle would ding him for grades, or even getting affirmative action bumps up.

So, what else is there in his? Applications maybe? Like, saying you were a exotic, attractive, well recommended black male student....from an exotic country, like Indonesia, or Kenya or maybe even that you had dual citizenship?

Forget the BC, release the academic records.

Most open administration ever. /s

Bob said...

I wish that Palin would shut up and go away. She may or may not have a future in the Republican party, but she has no future whatsoever in national office. She is a part of the party that needs to be swept aside as the Republicans abandon rhetoric tied to religion and return to being the party of fiscal prudence and limited government.

Steve-O said...

Anon-why do his grades matter? There's no requirement that they be released. He has every right to protect his phony intellectual image.

I'm not a fan of Palin. Like Bush, she is a weak communicator. 2012 is still very far away & there will be better standard bearers for the Republican Party.

But Can Bob explain how Palin earned the "religious nutjob" label? That meme also seems to be rooted in nonsense.

Her comments about the Iraq War & whether or not it was part of God's plan were made in a private Church.

She never attempted to ban any books.

Wasilla's police chief attempted to charge insurance companies for rape kits. Victims were not charged. If there were records of a woman being forced to pay for her rape kit, even as an anonymous Jan Doe, she would've been a HUGE story.

I could go on, but I am tired of the stupid attacks. She's not a theocrat any more than Obama is a secret Muslim.

There are Republicans who go overboard on the religious rhetoric & deserve to be called on it:

g2loq said...

I totally agree that these birthers are complete morons ...
This said, could we see the Birth Certificate?