Sunday, February 1, 2009

Glowing Cities Under a Nighttime Sky

A guy on a nighttime flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco rigged up a stabilized mount and pointed his Nikon D300 out the window. Flickr doesn't allow me to post it here, so go watch it. Be sure to make it full screen. About 1800 miles compressed into less than a minute, from the Midwest and over the Rockies and Sierra Nevadas.


Tom said...

I haven't watched the movie yet as I'm on a dial-up at home but will when I get the chance this coming week. I've flown over the US mainland countless times at night and always look out of the window trying to figure out what's below me. Whether it's day or night I'm always looking out of the window!

And if you forgive a little self-promotion for a moment, Lou, I took a photo of another glowing city at night just the other day - Hilo viewed from the summit of Mauna Kea at 4am. Even a small town can be incredibly bright at night!

Anonymous said...

Only Loosers don't know how to steal content from Flickr.

Solution is to include Casey Serin as part of your Inner Circle. He as Mad IT Skillz

Bob said...

Wow, Lou. Apparantly you are a "Looser." Time to tighten things up.

Lou Minatti said...

Before the Casey wars, I was a louser.