Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's next?

For those of you concerned about an Obama presidency, your worries are misplaced. During the next two years Obama will be begging Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to keep their yaps shut behind closed doors. Obama will want to be reelected in 2012 and cannot afford to go crazy. Reid and Pelosi can afford to go crazy, because they have only their local constituents to answer to. In fact, Pelosi's constituents will demand the craziness. Look at the city she represents.

Which gives Obama an opportunity. Within six months, Pelosi and Reid will be pushing the "Fairness" Doctrine. There will be legislation to ban scary-looking weapons. More than a few unbalanced people in Congress will demand that Bush be "tried for war crimes." Why would Obama waste political capital on this nonsense and risk firing up disheartened Republicans? Unlike Pelosi, Obama isn't stupid. 1994 will be on the back of his mind. Pelosi and Reid are different. They are cocksure right now and will overreach. Obama will slap them down, gaining political capital from the right and solidifying his "moderate" image.

If I am wrong about this and Obama doesn't remember 1994, then 2010 will mark the return of Republican control of Congress.


tesla said...

What do you see in Obama's background that makes you think he'll be moderate? I hope he is but a guy whose core economic philosophy is to spread the wealth around gives me little hope.

Maybe he won't waste political capital on the "Fairness Doctrine", but the question is what big changes will he use his political capital for?

Lou Minatti said...

What do you see in Obama's background that makes you think he'll be moderate?

Nothing, other than the fact he'll want to be reelected. I know this is hard for people in San Francisco to understand, but most Americans do not like Nancy Pelosi. Which is why I think Obama will make it a point to have very public disagreements with her about the kook hot-button issues.

So I don't see a clampdown on free speech via the "Fairness" Doctrine, or bans on scary guns, or idiotic trials. Nor do I see Obama pandering to crazy black people who demand "reparations."

What we will see is the nationalization of medical insurance and a federal takeover of all blue-collar pensions. It will be called the "US Manufacturing Rescue Act of 2009". Right or wrong, I've been saying for years that this is what we will end up with.

Anonymous said...

Please read the constitution dude.

As stated at Dawg's place, we're clearly in Communist Zone already -thx to the retarded monkey prez we've had for nearly 8 f-ing years.
Go Obama!!!

Lou Minatti said...

Please read the constitution dude.

What is "the constitution dude"? It would help if you would be a bit more specific as to what comment you are objecting to.

Tom said...

I think we have quite different political views, Lou, probably because we grew up in very different cultures. Having said that, I think you are spot on with your comment about how Obama will deal with Reid and Pelosi, he's too intelligent to let them run amok and ruin his chance for a 2nd term and even though I likely lean more to the left than you, I dislike Pelosi intensely (but I'm not an American - yet!).

As for a national health service (similar to the UK?), I can't see it happening, but I think the UK NHS gets a lot of bad press in the States which isn't deserved. It certainly has its faults and problems but it doesn't mean private health insurance won't be available to those that want out.

As for nationalising pensions, that does scare me, but I was under the impression Obama was not in favour of this, just some of the more left-wing democrats.

tesla said...

One good thing about this: my state (Massachusetts) very well might lose John Kerry and Governor Deval Patrick to the Obama cabinet. That mixed with Ted Kennedy's passing will at least give the state some fresh blood. The new guys will probably be like the old guys though.

Did you know that the incoming Congress will not have a single Republican congressman from any New England state? One party rule is not good.

Rob Dawg said...

Obama is a green politico from the Chicago machine with no private political capital in either chamber. Pelosi and Reid are already old hands at forcing an extremist agenda with or without Presidential acquiescence. Their capital in the capitol is immensely strengthened.

Obama has neither the ability nor inclination to govern from the center and barring a seismic shift in the Republican party need only win his parties' nomination for a second term. He's an activist liberal and will behave like one because there's no opposition.

Michael Ryan said...

Lou, we can hope you are right, but then we have to assume that he is as craven in exactly the same way as any other polico. He ran on a campaign of "getting in their faces". He had minions try to intimidate donors, to threaten opposition advertisers with jail for "not telling the truth", to fly hammer and sickle and raise Che posters.

No, Obama didn't do any of these things. But then Melonhead doesn't do any of these things either. He lets his street committes do it, and then just arrests those that oppose them for endangering public order.

prophet said...

I think that at the very least the ban on assault rifles is going to go back into effect. Even Bush said he was okay with that.

Hopefully, it will stop there, and luckily, there are several more months of gun shows before then. There is a pretty huge run on firearms right now.

This is my biggest issue with putting this many democrats into power, but it was time for a purge. Hopefully sanity will be restored on the right-hand side of the aisle before it is completely lost on the left one.

We shall see.